हरि (विष्णु) इकारान्त पुर्लिग शब्द

Hari Ikarant (इकारान्त) purling Shabd roop.

In this post, we will learn about hari (हरि) shabd roop. Hari is an ikarant shabd, if we do a sandhi vichede of hari shabd

ह् + अ + र् + इ = हरि,

The last varn (alphabet) is इ making it an ikarant shabd. Also, hari (हरि) is a masculine(पुल्लिंग) shabd. Therefore, the Shabd roop will be ikarant purling.

The following table has all the विभक्ति and कारक for hari shabd. In a similar way, other word forms can be made and remembered easily. You can access all shabd roop in this blog on our Sanskrit page.

प्रथमाहरि:हरी हरय:
तृतीयाहरिनाहरिभ्याम् हरिभि:
चतुर्थीहरयेहरिभ्याम् हरिभ्य:
पञ्चमीहरे: हरिभ्याम्हरिभ्य:
सप्तमीहरौ हर्यो:हरिषु
सम्बोधनहे हरेहे हरीहे हरय:

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