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पठ् (पड़ना) धातु के रुप, Sanskrit, path Dhatu ke roop,

Welcome friends, in this post we will learn about पठ् धातु रुप (path dhatu roop) in present tense, later on course, we will add other tense later in due course.

path dhatu roop, sanskrit gurukul
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When I started learning Sanskrit in class-6, it was the first dhatu roop we have studied. It is the simplest form of dhatu roop you can learn.

The meaning of पठ् is पढना, meaning to read. In the following table you will learn dhatu roop with examples in English and Hindi.

प्रथम पुरूष(सः) पठति
(वह) पढता है
(तौ) पठत:
(वे दोनो) पढते हैं
(ते) पठन्ति
(वे सब) पढते हैं
मध्यम पुरूष(त्वम्) पठसि
(तुम) पढते हो
(युवाम्) पठथ:
(तुम दोनो) पढते हो
(युयम्) पठथ
(तुम सब) पढते हो
उतम पुरूष(अहम्) पठामि
(मै) पढता हुँ
(आवाम्) पठाव:
(हम दो) पढते है
(व्यम्) पठाम:
(हम सब) पढते है
path dhatu roop

Similar way we can other dhatu roop which are identical in creation and form. Some of them are written below for your reference.

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